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completed 8.15.22

i fought through thick and thin
built a relationship strong as Noah’s Ark
wish we could just find a win
but we just cannot rekindle our spark

you gave up and lost my trust
left us rocking in the wake
now i feel nothing but disgust
now we’re sinking in a lake

this note is simply to say
i deserve to find better
skip your acting on Broadway
this is no love letter

we’ve become a sinking ship
we tipped ’cause of our faults
our fights caused us to flip
problems locked inside our vaults

got stranded far too long in rough waters
arguments that spun/rocked our boat
capsized in whitewater, now our love’s underwater
nothing now can keep us afloat

“Broke Down”
written 7.28.22

you rode shotgun by me for years
we could always outrun the storms and dark
now the raindrops on my windshield are tears
falling when two hearts lose their spark

stranded on the side of the road
our fights spin us in circles, now we’re lost
what’s left of us is getting towed
a love choked out in the exhaust

you said we were beyond repair
told me everything was all my fault
gave up on us as if you never cared
regrets tattooed like burnouts in our asphalt

now i’m throwing my life into fifth gear
racing ahead to a better life
know now our past is better in the rear
headin’ to a love that won’t jackknife

and some nights all i have is regret
wished when our crash hit the airbags
this duet now just an empty threat
just caused us to wave a white flag

now there’s nothing left of you and me
pieces of us strewn like debris

Erase Her
written on 7.23.21

I stayed up all night thinking
Didn’t help I was drinking
Flashbacks to the best of you and I

We grew up just a few blocks away
So I know that I can’t stay
Never was able to say goodbye

Maybe I’ll put this bottle down
And walk away from our hometown

Letters written in pencil and sidewalk chalk
Shoulda’ made it easier to
Wipe your memory with this eraser
But no matter how hard I try
I [just can’t/can’t seem to] erase her

Now I put that bottle down
Gotta move on from this All-American town

‘Cause every church, bar, and our favorite cafe
Knows I’m hurting and not OK
Can’t seem to hide this frown

‘Cause our last words in my driveway
Leave me wishin’ I could runaway
Find myself in a new town

Letters written in pencil and sidewalk chalk
Shoulda’ made it easier to
Wipe your memory with this eraser
But no matter how hard I try
I [just can’t/can’t seem to] erase her


I’ll be fine, ready to move on
Kept that old eraser
‘Cause now I’m ready to erase her
Maybe…I’m ready to erase her

completed on 6.16.19

this has gone on far too long
decades hauling these memories
your ghosts in my rear view
a past that always haunts me

its been a while
but i still see your smile
maybe i continue to feel this pain
’cause you threw my love away

i see your face
in the droplets of every drink
i stir the regrets
but can’t seem to drown you out

this is a letter best unread
i’ll strike a match
before the ink sets in
’cause these words were never meant for you

flashbacks in the flame
memories of us smolder away
i need to forget, let this burn
to finally feel whole again

i thought i could leave
run away and start brand new
let myself heal
but i never could outrun you

so this has to be my chance
to burn the past and end this trance
let the memories fade
and get out from under your shade

completed on 6.2.16

this is the ultimate descent
my tumble downward
skin tear to split open my core
broken bones reveal my soul

and now i know my heart will bleed out
as my questions are a scalpel
slicing the sutures of my doubts
that prevented me from coming unglued

we both tumbled off that cliff
skin abrasions and bruised hearts
grasping for withering rope
a relationship in distress

and now i’m in the fallout
with your hand reaching out to me
but i fear the repetition
maybe i should pull myself out alone?

in the traumatic daze i feel confused
to rewind the film or start brand new
a broken past i know is true
or a future to fight through

in my dreams i see your smile
in my nightmares i see our plight
a guilt for letting go
a need for my optimism and dreams return

“sand castle”
written on 4.21.16

like a child in a sandbox
shifting sand to create my dreams
but love isn’t quite as simple to build
as we age the castle grows taller
life’s complexity causing the waves to grow larger
threatening to topple my sand castle

i wish love was as easy as saying i need you
but the older we get
the more of our puzzle pieces we find
the harder others become to fit the missing holes
so i stare at a picture that may never be complete

so in my sandbox i built a mansion
every floor built closer to my dreams
but without you i have no foundation
and the emptiness’s waves always threatening
to wash away all my hopes and dreams

so maybe before the sun sets
before the stars appear out of reach
i’ll find you in this place
and we’ll sit here on the beach
and let the sand wrap around our feet

“the end”
written on 3.2.16

a line drawn in the sand
blurred by winds of frustration and the unknown
i witnessed our bright future dim to night
and lost grasp of your loving hand

a downward spiral consuming us
we both turned to medication
our life raft really a sinking ship
a fairytale crumbling in front of us

we moved our lips and made small talk
went through the motions and played the part
ignoring the depth led to a bleeding heart
and now my love has all bled out

and we both could point a finger
raise our voice and make verbal jabs
but that won’t bring us back
’cause we self-destructed
and now there’s nothing but aftermath

tied together by a promise
hope of a better life
but I no longer see you as my wife
too many years of heartache and strife
the end of everything wrong or right

“in vain”

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Lyrics, Poem
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“in vain”
written on 11.18.15

sunlight’s rays far too brief
the chill of winter smothering summer’s warmth
i’ve reached through the depths of your eyes
midnight melancholy masking the starlight

tears falling in vain
to wash away the pain
the sting of my call for help
falling on deaf ears
alone drenched in all my fears

the thrill of her skin’s touch
crushed by dark waves of discontent
embers dancing in the darkness thought to thrive
not expected to survive

love now viewed from a telescope
as foreign as video on the silver screen
it doesn’t help to dream
when things are exactly as they seem

desperate for sunshine
dreaming out windows overcast
the darkness of my situation
the lightning and the rain
pierced only by my ink pen

“Reach You”

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Reach You”
completed on 4.9.13

midnight blue
bleeding down the walls to my room
it’s an empty life
in a booth that’s meant for two

i trip and stumble
and question why i am here
being a romantic and not having you
exhausting search to hold what’s true

running on empty
nothing but fumes when i breathe out
fill me with hope and inspiration
so i don’t tire ’til i reach you

if i could turn back time
and correct our paths
’cause your heart beats just like mine
i’m just waiting for your sign

my heart is a trainwreck
derailed without you by my side
sadly knowing you are out there
keeps me feeling so alone

i put on a smile
dreams of us walking down the aisle
but being alone stings
like a heart slowly dying

“Invisible Heart”
written on 3/13/13

i open the valves to my heart
to let my love openly flow out
to shower you with a love
more intense than you’ve ever felt of

my heart drawn to you
unrequieted; a vein cut through
all my dreams of us in doubt
pain and frustration seeping out

my hope fading in despair
oblivious to how much i care
washed out by the drums of you
marching to your own heartbeat

i try so hard
to get you to lower your guard
all i want is to show you love
not be something you dispose of

you don’t see how much i care
on my knees without a prayer
you’re unphased when our eyes meet
it’s why i can’t get back on my feet

i’d do anything for you
for you to realize this love is true
but this is all going to fall through
’cause i’m not the one you care to pursue