Train Wreck

Posted: April 19, 2023 in Lyrics, music, Poem
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“Train Wreck”
written on 4.18.23

there was a time when you and I
both held the steering wheel
but somehow along the way
you made me a passenger in our train

then you threw me out
battered and bruised
now i’m running down the track
away from you, away from you

you’re speeding down a one way
but I’m not afraid
‘cuz you’ll derail
long before you catch me

’cause you can’t slow down
your anger will end up
flipping you upside down
our faults pouring out

and you can’t backtrack
you crossed that bridge
now you blame me
but I’m not the one who refused therapy

blare your horn
screaming what you think
so angry you don’t even check
i’m leaving this train wreck

you’ve got nowhere left to go
maybe you should have thought of
using the brakes long ago

and when you crash
all your lies in the debris
it’s not an accident
the only crime’s you gave up on me

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