“The Ledge”
written on 11.13.22

i want you to know
life will give you doubts
but no matter what life throws in your way
my love for you will always stay

when you face dark times
feel like your world is crumbling/ending
i’m here to light the way
to guide you through the fray

when life pulls the rug from under your feet
know it can’t sweep you off your feet
there’s nothing you can’t defeat
i’m always here so you won’t fall
protect you above all

from the hope of each new day
to the sunset of those old dreams
to the stars lighting your night
i’ll help you burn bright

our feet in stride
your hand wrapped in mine
nothing in this world i won’t do
nothing i won’t help you through

if you ever find yourself sliding
know i’m already running after you
jump off any ledge to help you
so you never feel blue

written on 10.2.2022

there’s a storm brewing inside your head
sadness is all you see ahead
the downpour of the rain
comes directly from your pain
stronger than a hurricane

i’d do anything so you don’t feel sad
left love notes on your notepad
wish i could help you see
everything i know you could be
your beauty always brings me to a knee

you’ve given my life so much hope
helped me when i couldn’t cope
wish i could do the same
place all your pain into a flame
show you the gorgeous woman you became

open up the vault to your heart
i’ll show you a new start
there’s things, like time, i can’t steal
but i can help you heal
show you a love that’s real

i don’t care the crime
i’d do anything to buy us time
steal the heartache from your heart
’cause we’re better together than apart
we’re better together than apart…

completed 8.15.22

i fought through thick and thin
built a relationship strong as Noah’s Ark
wish we could just find a win
but we just cannot rekindle our spark

you gave up and lost my trust
left us rocking in the wake
now i feel nothing but disgust
now we’re sinking in a lake

this note is simply to say
i deserve to find better
skip your acting on Broadway
this is no love letter

we’ve become a sinking ship
we tipped ’cause of our faults
our fights caused us to flip
problems locked inside our vaults

got stranded far too long in rough waters
arguments that spun/rocked our boat
capsized in whitewater, now our love’s underwater
nothing now can keep us afloat

“Broke Down”
written 7.28.22

you rode shotgun by me for years
we could always outrun the storms and dark
now the raindrops on my windshield are tears
falling when two hearts lose their spark

stranded on the side of the road
our fights spin us in circles, now we’re lost
what’s left of us is getting towed
a love choked out in the exhaust

you said we were beyond repair
told me everything was all my fault
gave up on us as if you never cared
regrets tattooed like burnouts in our asphalt

now i’m throwing my life into fifth gear
racing ahead to a better life
know now our past is better in the rear
headin’ to a love that won’t jackknife

and some nights all i have is regret
wished when our crash hit the airbags
this duet now just an empty threat
just caused us to wave a white flag

now there’s nothing left of you and me
pieces of us strewn like debris

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Just a small clip of my collaboration with the amazing and kind Jonathan Kyle

Erase Her
written on 7.23.21

I stayed up all night thinking
Didn’t help I was drinking
Flashbacks to the best of you and I

We grew up just a few blocks away
So I know that I can’t stay
Never was able to say goodbye

Maybe I’ll put this bottle down
And walk away from our hometown

Letters written in pencil and sidewalk chalk
Shoulda’ made it easier to
Wipe your memory with this eraser
But no matter how hard I try
I [just can’t/can’t seem to] erase her

Now I put that bottle down
Gotta move on from this All-American town

‘Cause every church, bar, and our favorite cafe
Knows I’m hurting and not OK
Can’t seem to hide this frown

‘Cause our last words in my driveway
Leave me wishin’ I could runaway
Find myself in a new town

Letters written in pencil and sidewalk chalk
Shoulda’ made it easier to
Wipe your memory with this eraser
But no matter how hard I try
I [just can’t/can’t seem to] erase her


I’ll be fine, ready to move on
Kept that old eraser
‘Cause now I’m ready to erase her
Maybe…I’m ready to erase her


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written 2.3.22

Verse 1:

you and i always drove through thick and thin
you shifted our gears while i held the wheel
we always stayed on course
never afraid with you shotgun to go for a spin

never thought we’d need to fill up
‘cause we burned hotter than gasoline
we were all I needed rolling ‘round my truck bed
side by side in my pickup

Chorus 1:

but then you wouldn’t pick up
now i’ve got nothing but my pickup
to get me somewhere that feels like home

without you i’m stuck in mud spinning my wheels
’cause without you it feels so wrong
even my truck can’t pick-me-up when your gone

Verse 2:

we were like every love song on the radio
you and i always sang along in stereo
now your voice replaced by static
farther away than i’d like to know

right now you’re ignoring my calls
now all i’ve got is your old texts on my phone
so i’ll leave another voicemail
as my heart feels like it will stall

Chorus 1

Verse 3:

now i’m heading back to your place
i drove all night but nothing felt like home
miles of stars and wide open roads
but nothing i saw as pretty as your face

headlights lighting up your face
wheels barely stop rolling
and i’m jumping out the door
nothing in the world like your embrace

Chorus 2:

when you wouldn’t pick up
i had nothing but my pickup
to get me somewhere that felt like home

without you i’m stuck in mud spinning my wheels
’cause without you it always feels wrong
your the song that picks-me-up to where I belong

“Old Glory” by transientbyryan

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