“The Ledge”
written on 11.13.22

i want you to know
life will give you doubts
but no matter what life throws in your way
my love for you will always stay

when you face dark times
feel like your world is crumbling/ending
i’m here to light the way
to guide you through the fray

when life pulls the rug from under your feet
know it can’t sweep you off your feet
there’s nothing you can’t defeat
i’m always here so you won’t fall
protect you above all

from the hope of each new day
to the sunset of those old dreams
to the stars lighting your night
i’ll help you burn bright

our feet in stride
your hand wrapped in mine
nothing in this world i won’t do
nothing i won’t help you through

if you ever find yourself sliding
know i’m already running after you
jump off any ledge to help you
so you never feel blue

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