Posted: December 10, 2022 in Lyrics, Poem
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written on 10.2.2022

there’s a storm brewing inside your head
sadness is all you see ahead
the downpour of the rain
comes directly from your pain
stronger than a hurricane

i’d do anything so you don’t feel sad
left love notes on your notepad
wish i could help you see
everything i know you could be
your beauty always brings me to a knee

you’ve given my life so much hope
helped me when i couldn’t cope
wish i could do the same
place all your pain into a flame
show you the gorgeous woman you became

open up the vault to your heart
i’ll show you a new start
there’s things, like time, i can’t steal
but i can help you heal
show you a love that’s real

i don’t care the crime
i’d do anything to buy us time
steal the heartache from your heart
’cause we’re better together than apart
we’re better together than apart…

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