Posted: May 22, 2023 in Uncategorized
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written on 5.22.23

perhaps you forgot what we were
when we said for better or worse
you ended us in a blur
so quick to throw us into a hearse

i knew i had room to change
but i was working on myself
perhaps you found that strange
so you tossed me on a shelf

nothing i won’t fix inside me
but you left me drowning in water
swimming away from our debris
to escape your slaughter

but now i’m pushing back
we’re dead, ’cause i’m ready to go
i’ve survive your attack
burn us like an old photo

this is just the start
i’m playing this by heart
this is so the end
of the control you pretend

This is my comeback
so I’m not coming back to you
this is my moment to shine
and I’m never coming back for you

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