“Train Wreck” (revisited)

Posted: May 16, 2023 in Lyrics, music, Poem
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“Train Wreck”
revised on 5.15.23

there was a time, when you and I
ran in the same direction
but somehow along the way
i became a passenger in our train

then you threw me out
like baggage soaking in the rain
but i’m walking down the track
away from you, away from you

And if I think my life is a mess
something I know i will suppress
’cause I’ll look back and see
the worst of us left in the debris

when you look back
you’ll derail off the track
but i will flee
long before you can catch me

’cause you can’t slow down
your anger will flip you upside down
yeah, you can’t slow down
now you’ve wrecked in a ghost town

and you can’t backtrack
burned the bridge in the attack
now you blame me
but i’m not the one who refused therapy

blare your horn
i already heard all your scorn
so angry you didn’t even check
you created this train wreck

you’ve got nowhere left to go
maybe you should have thought of
pulling the brakes long ago
and when you crash
it won’t be an accident
the true crime’s you gave up on me

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