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“Train Wreck”
written on 4.18.23

there was a time when you and I
both held the steering wheel
but somehow along the way
you made me a passenger in our train

then you threw me out
battered and bruised
now i’m running down the track
away from you, away from you

you’re speeding down a one way
but I’m not afraid
‘cuz you’ll derail
long before you catch me

’cause you can’t slow down
your anger will end up
flipping you upside down
our faults pouring out

and you can’t backtrack
you crossed that bridge
now you blame me
but I’m not the one who refused therapy

blare your horn
screaming what you think
so angry you don’t even check
i’m leaving this train wreck

you’ve got nowhere left to go
maybe you should have thought of
using the brakes long ago

and when you crash
all your lies in the debris
it’s not an accident
the only crime’s you gave up on me

Music and Vocals: Palmer Lee
Lyrics: Ryan Tagge



Do you remember
when we were young
I reached up at the stars
so you packed a suitcase
you drew a rocket so we could shoot into space

Do you remember
when we were young
you said that we’d touch the moon
the joy shining from my face
we floated in space
safe in your embrace

and you said, I’ll always shield you
and you held my hand to help me through

yeah, we shot into outer space
touched the stars, memories I’ll never replace
no matter how old we grow
you always find a way to make me glow

yeah, you showed me hope can heal things soon
faith I hold onto every afternoon
no matter how old we grow
you still help me find my rainbow

do you remember
when we were young
we drew all our dreams in chalk
the smile on my face
you said the best things
in life are chased

do you remember
when we were young
nothing could get in our way
the delight on my face
you never let one minute
ever go to waste

do you remember
when we were young
nothing out of grasp
the awe shining from my face
I could always be myself
not out of place

do you remember
when we were young
you made me strong
the admiration on my face
in this daunting world
you helped me find my place

as we grew older
you helped me grow bolder
grew our roots but you never left my side
faithful as the ocean tide

as we grew older…
you helped me grow bolder…


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Vocals/Arrangement/Melody: Palmer Lee
Lyrics: Ryan Tagge/Eric Blossman

Striking a match to a love I once knew
Igniting these old memories
I see your ghost in my rearview
Our last kiss still haunting me

I can still see your face
In the droplets of every glass
I stir the regrets but can’t erase
Gotta leave you in the past

Pre chorus

We ran hotter than that bonfire
Then our love got caught in the crossfire


I’m.. watching flashbacks in the flame
Setting fire to our yesterdays
The ashes wither in the rain
Gonna let them smolder… away

Verse 2

Tossing our photos into the blaze
Watch them burn and turn to dust
Our past lost inside the haze
Like the one I used to trust

This could be my last chance
To let these feelings fade
Burn the past to end this trance
And leave behind the love we made


We ran hotter than a bonfire
But now we’re caught in a crossfire…now


I’m.. watching flashbacks in the flame
Setting fire to our yesterdays
The ashes wither in the rain
Gonna let them smolder… away


Alone in the dark
Just trying to sort things out
I’m turning
photos to ash
Trying to erase the past

Every time I try to leave you behind
I still feel you near me
I can see you clearly
From the memories in my mind

“strings and freedom”
completed on 8.10.19

this can’t end as another sad song
from the fading light of what i knew
childhood memories i still pursue
an anchor that pulls so strong
a heavy weight holding on to me

for years i was broken
from shattered memories that i still hold
pain that seared through my soul
i’m starting to make myself whole
to escape the darkness of pain’s blindfold

instead of looking over my shoulder
where every line i write
tears a larger hole
i’m picking up my soul
i’ll write ’til i find the light inside me

i’m not forgetting
but i’m cutting the strings
to these hooks haunting me
to finally feel like i am free
so i can spread my wings

these holes may never fully heal
but i can sew these scars
cut these strings holding me
and release this weight off me
to head for the stars

“Toppling Down”
completed on 5.25.19

i brushed the dust off
a box lost long ago
sealed with layers of caution tape
sliced open with a knife
but the worst was yet to come

wrapped in layers
meant to protect
thought it was safe
but in the dim light i saw
chips and cracks I never knew were there

something bestowed decades ago
crafted from morals and memories
but heartache and stress
made it far too fragile
so i packed it away to keep it safe

too blind and stubborn
despite the cracks
in my ceramic skin
i poured and then poured some more
overflowed and now I’m toppling down

spilling over from the weight of it all
volatile emotions that spill and ignite
vapors of my demons incinerating
tumbling on a one way ticket
as i strike the ground

i bounced off that floor
fractured and shattered
caught on fire and couldn’t breathe
through that black smoke
couldn’t do anything but stumble and choke

but you picked up all my fragile pieces
glued me back together and made me whole
and i still have cracks
but you fill those holes
so there’s more than emptiness inside

you’re the only one
who can look past my imperfections
you’re the only one
who brings out the best in me

“You’ll Never Be Alone”
completed on 9.17.18

i watched the dust trail settle
a flower losing its last petal
‘cause I never know where
you are, evidence you just don’t care

i sent you a thousand warnings
flares shot to give you a choice
but you weren’t even looking
now i’m letting this silence be my voice

i lit a match to your excuses
forgave myself for any dues
‘cause you could never find the time
absent during all your prime

i started this letter with hate
but my heart made me restate
this poem is not for you
it’s a promise to another I’ll follow through

family’s not simply chromosomes
but the ones that you can call home
I’ll always be your glue
and always believe in you

I’ll give you all life’s love
from the moment you are born
and as you grow I’m sworn
someone i’ll always be proud of

I’ll be there when you get sick
I’ll be there through thin and thick
you’ll always have a hand to hold
even as you grow old

you’ll never be alone
you’ll never feel disowned
I’ll never withhold any love
I’ll always be your stronghold

“Shackles and Chains”
completed on 5.22.18

this may be the time to slip out
i’ve beared the shackles and chains
’cause i could never doubt
the blood that runs through my veins

i’ve asked you to fight
hoped you’d always breakout
’cause there’s a story to write
a joy you’ve been without

i’ve tried to show you the light
prayed you’ll always be alright
longed to see your new ways
to spend the rest of our days

and i’ve fought and stretched the links
our instinct to try to escape
it’s a pain that hurts more than you think
emptiness you’ve bandaged with merely tape

they say blood is thicker than water
something thicker than steel
but i’m drowning underwater
and i need the strength to heal

shackles and chains
i’ll lead you to the light
i will escape the pain
a future that will be so bright



completed on 11.12.17

you walk with the sunlight bleeding
feel a darkness gushing
look behind just to see
your shadow isn’t following

and you’d like anyone to notice
your existence
and the cuts that you leave
a pain covered only by your sleeve

you can feel your feet stumbling
the struggle worsening
with eyes that cry for anyone to notice
the beauty inside you

i know you feel incomplete
but i’m asking you to tell me
i’m begging you to warn me (that you need saving)
when you’re drowning in defeat

sometimes the light can be too bright
make you beg for moonlight
but if you’d let me in
i’ll steal the pain that’s within

even if I can’t be right beside you
i hope that when you call me
my voice is the arms that wrap around you
so you never feel alone

i know you feel incomplete
but i’m asking you to tell me
i’m begging you to warn me (that you need saving)
’cause i know that you’re worth saving

i’ll be your crutch
i’ll be that soft touch
i’ll take away life’s weight
to see the daylight you can create

i’ll help you find that piece of the past
to allow you to heal
’cause you need to feel
the thrill of life again

Songwriter and Producer: EMME (
Lyrics: thethingsgreaterthanme