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“You’ll Never Be Alone”
completed on 9.17.18

i watched the dust trail settle
a flower losing its last petal
‘cause I never know where
you are, evidence you just don’t care

i sent you a thousand warnings
flares shot to give you a choice
but you weren’t even looking
now i’m letting this silence be my voice

i lit a match to your excuses
forgave myself for any dues
‘cause you could never find the time
absent during all your prime

i started this letter with hate
but my heart made me restate
this poem is not for you
it’s a promise to another I’ll follow through

family’s not simply chromosomes
but the ones that you can call home
I’ll always be your glue
and always believe in you

I’ll give you all life’s love
from the moment you are born
and as you grow I’m sworn
someone i’ll always be proud of

I’ll be there when you get sick
I’ll be there through thin and thick
you’ll always have a hand to hold
even as you grow old

you’ll never be alone
you’ll never feel disowned
I’ll never withhold any love
I’ll always be your stronghold

“When’ll You Learn?”

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“When’ll You Learn?”
completed on 12.8.12

i can feel my back pressed against a thin mat
with a clock that won’t seem to move
nothing but the restless lights and a cold floor
to remind me of what i’ve done

i replay all the different outcomes
can’t get my mind to stop
what if this dreaded nightmare
is a mistake i never can escape?

i should have seen this coming
knew i was speeding down a dead end path
should have felt myself spin and tumble
but i swore i never would get caught

i wish you would learn from my mistakes
instead of repeating what i’ve done
wish i could paint a better picture
of how alone i felt that night

if you could feel my heart sink
taste the saline from my fears
that everything i’ve built
could unravel right in front of me

i wish i could make you realize
somehow tell you what you need
to make you choose a different course
before your life becomes a wreck

i wish you believed this could affect you
that you’re on a collision course
now i pray you live and learn
before your hands are tied behind your back

“You vs. Me”

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“You vs. Me”
completed on 9.18.12

you say that you’re a hopeless romantic
that you and i are one in the same
but you don’t see love the way i see it
’cause you refuse to acknowledge the fallout

love is not for sport
love is not a game
pain is not something easily washed away
where a heart can forever fade away

there are a million stars at night
just like the odds of finding
the perfect person for your life
but you don’t care about searching for a wife

i used to be just like you
until i realized she’s the one who got away
now i spend every day hoping
love will come back my way

if i have learned anything from you
it’s that life doesn’t give you anything
you pray and then have to go get it
hoping you find a love that’s true

if i could go back
though you can never go back
you have to live with missed chances
and fight to find future romances

you don’t see the bigger picture
realize how empty life is without love
if there is one thing you can learn from me
it’s that love is this life’s master key