“When’ll You Learn?”

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“When’ll You Learn?”
completed on 12.8.12

i can feel my back pressed against a thin mat
with a clock that won’t seem to move
nothing but the restless lights and a cold floor
to remind me of what i’ve done

i replay all the different outcomes
can’t get my mind to stop
what if this dreaded nightmare
is a mistake i never can escape?

i should have seen this coming
knew i was speeding down a dead end path
should have felt myself spin and tumble
but i swore i never would get caught

i wish you would learn from my mistakes
instead of repeating what i’ve done
wish i could paint a better picture
of how alone i felt that night

if you could feel my heart sink
taste the saline from my fears
that everything i’ve built
could unravel right in front of me

i wish i could make you realize
somehow tell you what you need
to make you choose a different course
before your life becomes a wreck

i wish you believed this could affect you
that you’re on a collision course
now i pray you live and learn
before your hands are tied behind your back

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