Posted: November 3, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 11.3.12

it’s just one of those nights
the sky’s painted midnight blue
the air frigid to the bone
the perfect conditions for feeling all alone

every song i play
and every show that’s on
is just another reminder
that i’ve got no one to call my own

i pretend my phone’s turned off
’cause it almost helps me feel better
that no one is trying to get in touch with me
that no one is here to talk to me

i’ve been told she’s out there
but with every night that passes
i feel a little bit older
and a whole lot more alone

i feel my heart brighten
wrapped in the warmth of your company
but as the night comes to an end
i fade back to my lonely room

i can hear the voices and laughter
of people on some street next to me
but i’m the one bleeding hope
stuck in this vacant alley isolating me

i cling to a complete stranger
just to feel her heartbeat
i’m trapped sinking in this sand
lost feeling deserted and desolate

i was born to be a loving gentleman
so nothing feels worse
than having to live just for myself
what i would give to feel the lips of my last first kiss

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