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Music and Vocals: Palmer Lee
Lyrics: Ryan Tagge



Do you remember
when we were young
I reached up at the stars
so you packed a suitcase
you drew a rocket so we could shoot into space

Do you remember
when we were young
you said that we’d touch the moon
the joy shining from my face
we floated in space
safe in your embrace

and you said, I’ll always shield you
and you held my hand to help me through

yeah, we shot into outer space
touched the stars, memories I’ll never replace
no matter how old we grow
you always find a way to make me glow

yeah, you showed me hope can heal things soon
faith I hold onto every afternoon
no matter how old we grow
you still help me find my rainbow

do you remember
when we were young
we drew all our dreams in chalk
the smile on my face
you said the best things
in life are chased

do you remember
when we were young
nothing could get in our way
the delight on my face
you never let one minute
ever go to waste

do you remember
when we were young
nothing out of grasp
the awe shining from my face
I could always be myself
not out of place

do you remember
when we were young
you made me strong
the admiration on my face
in this daunting world
you helped me find my place

as we grew older
you helped me grow bolder
grew our roots but you never left my side
faithful as the ocean tide

as we grew older…
you helped me grow bolder…

completed on 1.24.19

the destruction in my wake
the damage that i make
but you grab me at my core
and leave me never needing more

sometimes i’m lost inside a hurricane
the wind swirling around me
leaving me where I can’t see
the slightest thing in front of me

i trend towards chaos
destroy everything in front of me
i’m fighting for answers
and don’t have time to ask for help

but your voice is louder than the thunder
and you shield me from the hail
somehow you always calm a storm
a sun shower leaving me feel warm

you calm the ground when it quakes
stop the wind in its place
stop the fire from spreading
to ease my troubled mind

at times i only see a glass that’s empty
but you always fill my cup
when my mind digs a shelter
you always pull me out

louder than my thunder
armor from my hail
soothing my storm
leaving me feel warm