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completed on 1.24.19

the destruction in my wake
the damage that i make
but you grab me at my core
and leave me never needing more

sometimes i’m lost inside a hurricane
the wind swirling around me
leaving me where I can’t see
the slightest thing in front of me

i trend towards chaos
destroy everything in front of me
i’m fighting for answers
and don’t have time to ask for help

but your voice is louder than the thunder
and you shield me from the hail
somehow you always calm a storm
a sun shower leaving me feel warm

you calm the ground when it quakes
stop the wind in its place
stop the fire from spreading
to ease my troubled mind

at times i only see a glass that’s empty
but you always fill my cup
when my mind digs a shelter
you always pull me out

louder than my thunder
armor from my hail
soothing my storm
leaving me feel warm

“Save You”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Save You”
completed on 9/17/09

he stole something from you that wasn’t his
the things he took built the walls enclosing your heart
and now you believe the scar tissue
won’t fade as easily as the bruises
he left on your once radiant skin

her soul has felt neglected for years
ignored by the ones supposed to be there
mascara streaks down her cheeks
the tears and pain she’s tried to cover underneath
but her intentions won’t hide beneath
a heart that’s always cried

this world can be so cold
and that’s when i realized
all i ever wanted was to save you
i was born to show you the silver lining you never knew
the never-ending smile that could be true


Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 11/22/07

the sigh of the jet engine
mirrors the exhale from my chest
because i’m heading back to the west
the darkness that covers the sky
is the same feeling that I have inside
i’m thousands of feet above the ground
soon to be the number of miles from those i call home

’cause the stars on the east coast shine brighter
when you’re surrounded by all your friends
’cause it’s not where you love that makes home
it’s the love from those that you know

the silence that suffocates my apartment
is broken by the charm of your voice
i have never felt so cold living alone
but your personality breathes warmth to this room

’cause the stars on the west coast shine brighter
when you share your time talking to me
’cause the clocks have never felt broken
until our bond made the hours fly by

and now the rockies are feeling like home
i swear you’re that bright star over me
even though the winter draws in the snow
your soul melts away all the cold


Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 7/30/07

behind her glossy cover that sparkles so nicely in the light
are pages people have stepped on that have bruised her to her core
and her binding is coming undone but she won’t let it break
because that’s not how she was written
and that’s certainly not her fate

it’s like staring at the black and white pages of a coloring book
because all of life’s hardships have stolen all her color
and the tears shed from her eyes have caused the ink to run together
making the happy and sad stories bleed together

and she’s such a pretty cover
with a title glittering in gold
but once you read her prologue
she’s been through more than you would think
because even with her beauty she’s just like you and me

and if i could just hold her
i swear i could shelter her from the pain
let my fingertips brush across her cheeks
to brush away her tears
and listen to her speak ’cause she needs to know i care

so i want to write her resolution
so she can smile again
but i lack the words to complete her latest chapter
i never was an expert, just a boy with a soft heart
so i’m grasping for the answers hoping that something that i write
will feel to her like nonfiction
because she really is a novel worth reading word for word