Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 11/22/07

the sigh of the jet engine
mirrors the exhale from my chest
because i’m heading back to the west
the darkness that covers the sky
is the same feeling that I have inside
i’m thousands of feet above the ground
soon to be the number of miles from those i call home

’cause the stars on the east coast shine brighter
when you’re surrounded by all your friends
’cause it’s not where you love that makes home
it’s the love from those that you know

the silence that suffocates my apartment
is broken by the charm of your voice
i have never felt so cold living alone
but your personality breathes warmth to this room

’cause the stars on the west coast shine brighter
when you share your time talking to me
’cause the clocks have never felt broken
until our bond made the hours fly by

and now the rockies are feeling like home
i swear you’re that bright star over me
even though the winter draws in the snow
your soul melts away all the cold

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