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Songwriter and Producer: EMME (
Lyrics: thethingsgreaterthanme

completed on 7.29.17

a soul worn out
jumping through life’s hoops
forging through a quicksand
only to sink deeper

countless hours lighting a wick
stacks of matches piling up
a flame that only flickers and fades
an endless crusade

wipe away the sweat
breathe in and out
an endless clock that’s punched in
more than punched out

brush away the chaos
while i search for hope
no time to rest in the shade
sunburned looking for the truth

fighting with a riptide
footprints of progress washed away
the fear of fatigue
the need to be achieve

forging against a riptide
footprints of progress that can’t be swept away
the need to succeed
overcoming everything

stifled by the stale air
inhale, the need for something more
i know there’s something there
just beyond the shore

completed on 2.26.17

sometimes this life can be so rough
like sandpaper tearing
the skin right off of me
open wounds and an open heart

the sadness falling
saline rolling down my cheek
the weight of life’s responsibilities
crushing all my dreams
give me relief, throw me anything

sometimes life’s expectations
a rope slipping, a rope tightening
the lifeline in your embrace
your breath, the air my lungs need
the sunshine your love feeds me

this life can be so rough
pins and needles and heartache
but i’ll keep on fighting
’cause your love gave me a heartbeat
your love a reason to breathe
your love pushed life into me

“prism in tumult”
written on 9.28.16

i live somewhere in between
between lips exhaling hope
and eyes that may or may not
be able to distinguish dreams from reality
a beautiful obscurity both graceful and confusing

i see the salvation of a smile
with the heartache of falling short
the promise of the future
with the pain of not adding up

the glow from the castle
promise, hope within
but walls that keep me out
the view of a lifetime
the doubts of getting in

the stillness of my head on her chest
the pressure of life weighing down
the joy of my arms around her
while the bills are piling up
she’s a prism in a tumultuous sky

and i can’t say that i’m unhappy
i just want to give her better
i just want to make the world better
the beauty of a rose
without the pain of the thorns

i’m smart enough to know
life is about the give and take
i’d be happy to trade in the beauty and the fortune
for an eternity with you

“Bleeding to Blue Sky”
written on 8.13.16

my heart bleeding nothing but gasoline
running on fumes, cylinders skipping
falling behind on all my hopes and dreams
frustration and doubt darkening a promising sky

you burn brighter than a match
your smile, your charm
set ablaze the vapors in my veins
igniting my heart strings
shooting fire through me

we never even smoldered
our love just engulfed all the pain
and with my arms wrapped tight around you
our hopes dance along the flames

you burn brighter than the night sky
i breathe in the faith you give me
exhale our dreams and aspirations
the whitest clouds fill up the blue sky


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completed on 7.19.12

you say that you can’t help
but feel you’re getting older
that your youth is fading faster
that your time is running out

you feel like the doors are quickly closing
between you and those with careers and families
and now you’re staring at a locked door
where every choice you make
feels like you’re using the wrong key
keeping you outside of where you want to be

but when you’re staring at your keychain
remember there is no master key
’cause every moment that you lived through
etched the ridges to make those keys unique

so savor every moment
and don’t stop searching ’til you’ve made it
’cause when you find the door that opens
you’ll find it was your self-discovery that turned the lock and key


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written on 11.24.11

i’m almost 28 and i can’t stand this strife
i pictured my future wife
expected more out of my life
thought i would accomplish so much more
didn’t expect to have to guess at the door

all i want to feel free
but i’m not sure what that means to me
i can’t figure out who to be
it’s not in any book
or anywhere i seem to look

i feel trapped inside a cage
feel so much older than my age
if i ever want to find the key
i need to find the happiness inside me
start dreaming of who i will be

i need someone who has heart
appreciates life and sees it as moving art
i love when you open up to me
that’s how we were meant to be
love as immovable as a tree

my smile is the key to my soul
happiness is not my only goal
i want to burn so bright
but sometimes it takes all my might
to try to be their light

i want to wrap myself in your love
fly free like a dove
i admire all the lives that you’ve reached
all the hearts that you’ve breached
but you still have so much more to teach


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completed on 11.13.11

something’s moving inside me
tugging at my heart strings
i can feel you in the tear running down my cheek
you’re in the air that my lungs breathe
and the reason i’ve been feeling incomplete

you’re the books on the shelf just out of reach
you’re the change i leave under my seat
you’re the air i absent-mindedly breathe
you’re the first thing i take for granted
but you’re still reaching out to me

i always put myself first
it’s the most unhealthy relationship
i listen to all the wrong things
while you’re always supporting me
i’ve written off friends that speak to me
as rarely as i reach out to you
yet you haven’t given up on me

i know you’re always listening
so please accept my apology
let the world see your love through my smile
make me a better person
so i can be part of the change this world needs

“Slipping Away”

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“Slipping Away”
written on 9.16.11

there’s a part deep inside me
that feels completely incomplete
drowning under water
and there’s no one to grab my hand
no one should ever feel alone

a smile is what they expect from me
so i’ll fake it so they don’t see my insecurity
love is supposed to make you feel whole
but chasing it has me falling down an endless hole

i can’t swim my way out
so i drink to stay afloat
but now i’m in a sea of emptiness
too confused to know my way out

it’s amazing how day after day
people come and fade away
so few choose to stay
and give their heart away

i’m seeing life in a darker way
and i can’t swim away
i just want to know you care
but no one has time to spare
so i pray for a brighter day

turn the music up
put another shot down
i’ll give this one away
to focus on a brand new day
and dream that happiness will come my way

love never fades
but it slips away
love never fades
but it s l i p s  a w a y. . .