Posted: November 25, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem
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written on 11.24.11

i’m almost 28 and i can’t stand this strife
i pictured my future wife
expected more out of my life
thought i would accomplish so much more
didn’t expect to have to guess at the door

all i want to feel free
but i’m not sure what that means to me
i can’t figure out who to be
it’s not in any book
or anywhere i seem to look

i feel trapped inside a cage
feel so much older than my age
if i ever want to find the key
i need to find the happiness inside me
start dreaming of who i will be

i need someone who has heart
appreciates life and sees it as moving art
i love when you open up to me
that’s how we were meant to be
love as immovable as a tree

my smile is the key to my soul
happiness is not my only goal
i want to burn so bright
but sometimes it takes all my might
to try to be their light

i want to wrap myself in your love
fly free like a dove
i admire all the lives that you’ve reached
all the hearts that you’ve breached
but you still have so much more to teach

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