“At My Door”

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem
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“At My Door”
written on 12.15.11

at my own front door
but it won’t open for me
’cause it’s locked
and it seems that you’re my key

i should know better by now
then to allow love to keep me out
but my heart won’t beat without
knowing if she’ll come about

i gave up on love long ago
strung along for far too long
decided to just let go
tired of settling for only so-so

but then your hazel eyes
and warm smile
made me feel butterflies
pictured us walking down the aisle

but then i blink
not sure that you care
guess i have to rethink
if this was just a one-sided love affair

at my own front door
not sure if it will unlock
i’ll be in shock
until i know if our hearts will interlock

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