Posted: November 14, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 11.13.11

something’s moving inside me
tugging at my heart strings
i can feel you in the tear running down my cheek
you’re in the air that my lungs breathe
and the reason i’ve been feeling incomplete

you’re the books on the shelf just out of reach
you’re the change i leave under my seat
you’re the air i absent-mindedly breathe
you’re the first thing i take for granted
but you’re still reaching out to me

i always put myself first
it’s the most unhealthy relationship
i listen to all the wrong things
while you’re always supporting me
i’ve written off friends that speak to me
as rarely as i reach out to you
yet you haven’t given up on me

i know you’re always listening
so please accept my apology
let the world see your love through my smile
make me a better person
so i can be part of the change this world needs

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