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completed on 6.16.19

this has gone on far too long
decades hauling these memories
your ghosts in my rear view
a past that always haunts me

its been a while
but i still see your smile
maybe i continue to feel this pain
’cause you threw my love away

i see your face
in the droplets of every drink
i stir the regrets
but can’t seem to drown you out

this is a letter best unread
i’ll strike a match
before the ink sets in
’cause these words were never meant for you

flashbacks in the flame
memories of us smolder away
i need to forget, let this burn
to finally feel whole again

i thought i could leave
run away and start brand new
let myself heal
but i never could outrun you

so this has to be my chance
to burn the past and end this trance
let the memories fade
and get out from under your shade

“Bleeding to Blue Sky”
written on 8.13.16

my heart bleeding nothing but gasoline
running on fumes, cylinders skipping
falling behind on all my hopes and dreams
frustration and doubt darkening a promising sky

you burn brighter than a match
your smile, your charm
set ablaze the vapors in my veins
igniting my heart strings
shooting fire through me

we never even smoldered
our love just engulfed all the pain
and with my arms wrapped tight around you
our hopes dance along the flames

you burn brighter than the night sky
i breathe in the faith you give me
exhale our dreams and aspirations
the whitest clouds fill up the blue sky

“all that gleams”
completed on 5.7.16

this life is full of demons
some are choices
some are acquaintances wrong for you
sometimes lessons learned the hard way
shape a life not so easy

you can take the easy route
settle with the fear and doubt
set a match to all that gleams
or scratch and claw ’til you reach your dreams

and i’ve felt the despair of goals outrunning me
out of breath from passions eluding me
slowly i dragged myself from the starless nights
and reached for the light i saw in you

fighting for you was a journey
the ups and downs of helping you believe
wearing my heart on my sleeve
to show you all you can achieve

what i sought in you was the ladder
to climb out of my abyss
you saved me without knowing
i’ll pull the sun towards both of us
to keep the light over our lives

“A Love Song For Marie”
completed on 4.15.13

you’re wearing a diamond ring
that doesn’t shine like it did before
the man who once promised you an empire
couldn’t care less anymore

it should be a symbol of undying love
but now it’s a weight upon your soul
you look back to photos in your white dress
contrasted to a heart now in distress

i hear the way he treats you
and it stings me to the core
’cause i would do anything to give you
the love that you deserve

life is anything but a destination
burning too bright to not be right
those eyes see right into my heart
certain without you i’ll fall apart

you are my romantic ending
’cause everything inside you
i thought was only purely fiction
you’ve shown me can be truth

all your sass and playful glances
defenseless to your loving advances
we both know how love should be
life’s just better with you next to me



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written on 10.24.11

red and white flickering in the moonlight
i need you like it’s an emergency
hear your voice like the sirens approaching me
without you i can feel my heart shutting down
i want to feel you circulate inside me
’cause i know you’re the drug keeping me alive

let your love trickle in from the IV
you’re a perfect match to what i need
breathe you in deep like oxygen
feel your support like a splint holding me in place
i put my faith in you to take me anywhere

feel your touch gently run across my skin
watch your breath make my lungs rise again
sense your heart making my pulse skip a beat
stunned by your kiss shocking me back to life

my signs and symptoms are all indicating
i’m better when i’m with you
without you i’m cold and catatonic
and you’re the only medication i need
’cause you’re the only thing that makes me feel alive


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completed on 6/30/09

you can feel my eyes revolve around you
like a moon you never knew
i’m sure you don’t know what i’m thinking
my eyes seem deep but i’m not digging far into your sand

i would love to trace the coasts of your lips
my mind reels in the thoughts of your rolling hills
feel my hands wash over all your terrain
taste the salt off your glistening skin
watch your trail expose the secrets your body holds

but i know i really should be
exploring the depths of your sea
so you won’t slip through, like grains of sand
the gaps between my fingers

i’m looking down on you from a bird’s eye view
when i should be studying the details of your soul with a fine tooth comb
i’ll put you through an x-ray machine to focus on what really matters
put a stethoscope on your chest to listen for the slightest tremble
look at you with a microscope to admire all your subtle features
’cause your real beauty lies deep within

“Just Like the Movies”

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“Just Like the Movies”
written on 9/16/06

the reel is spinning
the lights are out
the projector is playing my future life
this can’t be just a romantic movie
i need it to be more than fiction

the opening scene – “cupid’s arrow”
that stunning gaze shot right through my heart
my heart is racing, outweighs my fears
a few compliments, the embers ignite

the second act – “the seed is planted”
the butterflies have still not faded
every kiss just like the first
holding hands and uncontrollable laughter
we dance to music playing from our souls
we draw attention but we don’t care
we hold the world between our hands

the third selection – “undying affection”
the lovebirds act just like magnets
she still grabs my face, i still hold her tight
we both can’t hide our delight
she’s embedded in my soul
she says the only words i ever needed to hear

the next chapter – “still supportive”
i still comfort her every time she cries
she still cheers me up every time she doesn’t see me smile
we both know we have something most can only dream of
we profess our love and kiss through the night
and all the while still holding each other tight

the final scene – “a wedding chapel”
two new rings, one old love
two sincere vows for one unioned soul
another kiss just like our first

the encore plays – “we beat the odds”
many years from now we remain the same
holding hands and uncontrollable laughter
we still dance to music playing from our souls
we still draw attention but we don’t care
we still hold the world between our hands
and between our hands, our wedding bands

the reel is spinning
the lights are out
the projector is playing my future life
this can’t be just a romantic movie
this story will be so much more than fiction