“A Love Song For Marie”

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Lyrics, Poem
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“A Love Song For Marie”
completed on 4.15.13

you’re wearing a diamond ring
that doesn’t shine like it did before
the man who once promised you an empire
couldn’t care less anymore

it should be a symbol of undying love
but now it’s a weight upon your soul
you look back to photos in your white dress
contrasted to a heart now in distress

i hear the way he treats you
and it stings me to the core
’cause i would do anything to give you
the love that you deserve

life is anything but a destination
burning too bright to not be right
those eyes see right into my heart
certain without you i’ll fall apart

you are my romantic ending
’cause everything inside you
i thought was only purely fiction
you’ve shown me can be truth

all your sass and playful glances
defenseless to your loving advances
we both know how love should be
life’s just better with you next to me

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