Posted: October 24, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem
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written on 10.24.11

red and white flickering in the moonlight
i need you like it’s an emergency
hear your voice like the sirens approaching me
without you i can feel my heart shutting down
i want to feel you circulate inside me
’cause i know you’re the drug keeping me alive

let your love trickle in from the IV
you’re a perfect match to what i need
breathe you in deep like oxygen
feel your support like a splint holding me in place
i put my faith in you to take me anywhere

feel your touch gently run across my skin
watch your breath make my lungs rise again
sense your heart making my pulse skip a beat
stunned by your kiss shocking me back to life

my signs and symptoms are all indicating
i’m better when i’m with you
without you i’m cold and catatonic
and you’re the only medication i need
’cause you’re the only thing that makes me feel alive

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