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“all that gleams”
completed on 5.7.16

this life is full of demons
some are choices
some are acquaintances wrong for you
sometimes lessons learned the hard way
shape a life not so easy

you can take the easy route
settle with the fear and doubt
set a match to all that gleams
or scratch and claw ’til you reach your dreams

and i’ve felt the despair of goals outrunning me
out of breath from passions eluding me
slowly i dragged myself from the starless nights
and reached for the light i saw in you

fighting for you was a journey
the ups and downs of helping you believe
wearing my heart on my sleeve
to show you all you can achieve

what i sought in you was the ladder
to climb out of my abyss
you saved me without knowing
i’ll pull the sun towards both of us
to keep the light over our lives

revised on 4.11.12

i hate to let you down
but this time it has to be
time to do what’s best for me
i hate to break your heart
but my life needs to include the art
alive deep inside of me

i need to just be me
not what you want to see
i hide behind this ink
and you don’t see me when i wink
i need to burn bright
love with all my might

i push myself to grow
they may never know
i may have nothing to show
but when i see their tears
it stings for what feels like years
but i’ll sacrifice my life
to save others from their strife

i don’t expect anyone to get me
i care more about saving a life
than finding my future wife
for now i’ll just dream of you in my life
i have to start a spark
to be a light to make this world less dark


Posted: February 11, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 2.11.12

all my life
i only had to swim downstream
the rain showered me in love
and storms always passed over me

but then a hurricane
threw me into stormy seas
felt like i was drowning
life’s sadness washing over me

this time i have to swim my way out
even though i’m choking
and gasping for air
i won’t stop kicking ’til i reach the shore

no one may notice
and i don’t really care
this time i have to fight for a better life
smile until they can’t help but stare
’cause we all need love as much as we need air