“Self Portrait”

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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revised on 4.11.12

i hate to let you down
but this time it has to be
time to do what’s best for me
i hate to break your heart
but my life needs to include the art
alive deep inside of me

i need to just be me
not what you want to see
i hide behind this ink
and you don’t see me when i wink
i need to burn bright
love with all my might

i push myself to grow
they may never know
i may have nothing to show
but when i see their tears
it stings for what feels like years
but i’ll sacrifice my life
to save others from their strife

i don’t expect anyone to get me
i care more about saving a life
than finding my future wife
for now i’ll just dream of you in my life
i have to start a spark
to be a light to make this world less dark

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