“The Other Side”

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“The Other Side”
written on 3.13.12

it was only one date
but no matter how things fall
thank you for showing all
that’s deep inside of me

it was just one date
but she showed me my fate
if i didn’t unveil the entire side of me
and now i know why i was always happier alone

i hide a part of me
but not the side you would expect
i smile, laugh, love openly
but that’s not all there is to see

for every romantic line
is a wild side
for every door i open
there’s what i am secretly hopin’

i want to be kind and true
but i want to intimately know all of you
i’ll hold you if you look over the ledge
then we can hold hands and jump over the edge

i want you to feel i’m your knight
but i’m not just black and white
i want life to be a wild ride
but i’ll keep you safe by my side

i want you to sing with all your might
to know that love is worth the fight
i don’t want things to ever become routine
’cause it spells the end with me

don’t worry what others say
we deserve to live life as we may
with passion and love every day
always dreaming of what will come our way

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