Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 6/30/09

you can feel my eyes revolve around you
like a moon you never knew
i’m sure you don’t know what i’m thinking
my eyes seem deep but i’m not digging far into your sand

i would love to trace the coasts of your lips
my mind reels in the thoughts of your rolling hills
feel my hands wash over all your terrain
taste the salt off your glistening skin
watch your trail expose the secrets your body holds

but i know i really should be
exploring the depths of your sea
so you won’t slip through, like grains of sand
the gaps between my fingers

i’m looking down on you from a bird’s eye view
when i should be studying the details of your soul with a fine tooth comb
i’ll put you through an x-ray machine to focus on what really matters
put a stethoscope on your chest to listen for the slightest tremble
look at you with a microscope to admire all your subtle features
’cause your real beauty lies deep within

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