Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem

completed on 6/26/07

and i know they’re just words on a screen
but your sentences just seem to pierce right through me
from safety i tell you how i feel
not sure i could do it any other way
because i haven’t been this open for so long
but you have this way of feeling like home

i wish i could fill you in
but i’m scared i might overwhelm you
dreaming of all the impossibilities
it’s a race where imagination is already too far ahead of reality
i wish i could reach through this screen
and whisper in your ear
tell you everything that i really feel

i feel like a patient under an x-ray machine
because everything i tell you makes it easier to see inside me
but i’m scared if you look for too long
you’ll see all the cracks in my soul

but they are more than just words on a screen
because the string of letters act like adrenaline to me
your thoughts oxygenate me
and control the beat of my heart
which stops when i read that you smiled

so maybe i can’t get you out of my head
but who wants to forget a work of art?
maybe i’ll admit that i noticed your beauty
but right now it’s your words that really count

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