Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem

completed on 7/4/07

i see your face in every cloud
hear your voice in my favorite songs
i’ m not sure how things unraveled like this
from something that originally felt so right
i always told you don’t question what works so well
you and i were two of a kind
but somewhere in our perfect chemistry
some elements became quite unstable
because in a flash i’m standing in the middle of an explosion

in the storm of my emotions i see
images of things before the natural disaster
flashes of disappointment light up my night
sheets of confusion rain down from the sky
and when the dust settles all that’s left
are doubts of what used to be

perhaps you hid your motives and camouflaged your insecurities
so i stepped into your trap
hanging upside down from the vines of your control
with nothing but lost time slipping out of my pockets and blood rushing to my head
i wish i could say i felt more than that
maybe i should have questioned what i thought worked so well

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