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“prism in tumult”
written on 9.28.16

i live somewhere in between
between lips exhaling hope
and eyes that may or may not
be able to distinguish dreams from reality
a beautiful obscurity both graceful and confusing

i see the salvation of a smile
with the heartache of falling short
the promise of the future
with the pain of not adding up

the glow from the castle
promise, hope within
but walls that keep me out
the view of a lifetime
the doubts of getting in

the stillness of my head on her chest
the pressure of life weighing down
the joy of my arms around her
while the bills are piling up
she’s a prism in a tumultuous sky

and i can’t say that i’m unhappy
i just want to give her better
i just want to make the world better
the beauty of a rose
without the pain of the thorns

i’m smart enough to know
life is about the give and take
i’d be happy to trade in the beauty and the fortune
for an eternity with you

“Your Heart”

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Your Heart”
completed on 7.14.12

i always go the long way
to try to feel less alone
i wish i had something to grab your attention
so i hope my smile is enough to catch your eye

sometimes i wish i wrote a chorus that made you want to sing along
sometimes i dream i penned a poem and you memorized every word
if only i could hit the notes to sing your melody
if only life played out to the script running through my mind

i’m staring at the sunset and wonder
if it’s the same canvas you see from your bedroom
i’m laying under the stars and wonder
if they make my eyes glow just like yours

if the sun won’t rise to guide you
i’ll paint stars in the sky to light your way
if you ever feel lost at night
i’ll burn bright ’til you reach home

i have so much to give you
but don’t know where to start
if only you could see my good intentions
if only i knew i could win your heart


Posted: October 24, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 10.24.11

staring out my window
from a place i can finally call my home
the chill in the air
makes my heart race
makes me feel alive
i feel wrapped in hope
so much to make me smile and believe
things are starting to go my way

my things are packed
i’ve left that city and i’m not looking back
i’m counting down the miles
and i feel so much closer to my destiny

brand new town
but i won’t feel alone
because i have my family
i can see the opportunities
finally within my reach

no more detours
no more feeling unsafe
nothing but green lights
for me to find my way
i’ve got friends to make
and a career to create
nothing to hold me back
here’s to a new day
a new way
and a new outlook on life

“The Best is Yet to Come”
completed on 7.20.11

i can’t get enough of your smile
and i can’t get enough of your laugh
i love when i look in your eyes
i see all that we could be

i picture our first date
the one where i stay up all night hoping
we’ll end up holding hands
and i dream of our first kiss
the same one i’ll feel when we’re dressed in all white
dancing throughout the night
i look forward to all the memories we’ll share together
to the life and laughter we’ll create with one another
that’s all i’ll ever need

my body is here
but i’m already mentally there
to the place where
i’m on your couch
sitting next to the one that i love
i don’t have you yet
that’s why the best is yet to come

i watch the joy in your eyes
as you see everything for the first time
i watch you take your first step
with my hands right by your side
i’ll tuck you in at night
kiss you and be your nightlight
you’ll grow up so fast
but you won’t ever have to ask
’cause i’ll always be there for you

my body is here
but i’m already mentally there
to the place where
i’m on our couch
sitting between the ones that  i love
i don’t have that yet
that’s why i know the best is yet to come

“Just Tell Me”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Just Tell Me”
completed on 9/9/09

the coin is spinning round and round
heads and tails blurring together
leaving me unsure which side my heart will land on

i have seen the happy endings and storybook dreams
sometimes it feels so tangible
but most times it’s only make believe

my hopes spin away from me
scared by things that fall apart
but the way your eyes glisten
and your soft kiss makes me smile
is this something that will last or another hourglass?

sometimes  i pray for one-way streets
so i don’t have to choose
sometimes i wish gravity would pull me
so i don’t have to worry
whether things will always end

when i drink i forget their insecurities
one more drink reminds me i’m alone
but in the daylight i’m far more rational
but i’ve always preferred to dream…