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“the end”
written on 3.2.16

a line drawn in the sand
blurred by winds of frustration and the unknown
i witnessed our bright future dim to night
and lost grasp of your loving hand

a downward spiral consuming us
we both turned to medication
our life raft really a sinking ship
a fairytale crumbling in front of us

we moved our lips and made small talk
went through the motions and played the part
ignoring the depth led to a bleeding heart
and now my love has all bled out

and we both could point a finger
raise our voice and make verbal jabs
but that won’t bring us back
’cause we self-destructed
and now there’s nothing but aftermath

tied together by a promise
hope of a better life
but I no longer see you as my wife
too many years of heartache and strife
the end of everything wrong or right


Posted: October 24, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 10.24.11

staring out my window
from a place i can finally call my home
the chill in the air
makes my heart race
makes me feel alive
i feel wrapped in hope
so much to make me smile and believe
things are starting to go my way

my things are packed
i’ve left that city and i’m not looking back
i’m counting down the miles
and i feel so much closer to my destiny

brand new town
but i won’t feel alone
because i have my family
i can see the opportunities
finally within my reach

no more detours
no more feeling unsafe
nothing but green lights
for me to find my way
i’ve got friends to make
and a career to create
nothing to hold me back
here’s to a new day
a new way
and a new outlook on life


Posted: July 9, 2010 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 7/9/10

i can feel the seconds slipping by
watch the world pass me by
watch my dreams crumble away
sometimes i can’t shoot for the moon
because i’m not sure you’ll catch me

all i want is to follow my dreams
the only reward comes from walking the tightrope
but i’m on the sidewalk
taking baby steps toward mediocrity

my frustration’s boiling over
i vowed to follow my dreams
but i’m tripping on everything
it makes me want to scream

i’m tumbling like a bird with clipped wings
crash and burn to a future of could have been’s
if only tears could wash away
all the things that make me scared
then i could find the things that set me free

“Facing West”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Facing West”

i’m coughing and choking, gasping for air
office is smoking, my lungs are buring
walls are caving in
i’d pull the lever, sound the sirens to wash it all away
but the ladder’s already too slick to climb

hallways with locked doors
others too hot to touch
all my worries and agitations turn into kerosene
spreading vapors and flames all around me
if there is any way out
there’s too much smoke to see

break the window, jump from suffocation
hope there’s something to break my fall
i hear the fire trucks behind me
see the rubble in the rear view
the dust dissipates around me
and in the aftermath i realize

it’s time to shed my skin
rise from the ashes and open up
make the choices to forge a better me

“Cristiana Guesthaus (City Lights)”
written on 10/6/09

300 miles from the city lights
my heart is beating where it wants to be
away from the suffocation of suburban life and materialistic greed

and that’s exactly what i adore about you
those soft brown eyes and subtle threads are telling me this is the only place for me

slow life down
inhale the mountain air
paint this memory within me
so when i dream i will always be able to find you

you smile shyly at first
it’s hard to open up when the clock is ticking down ’til i move on
i wish it was time to plant my roots
so i could bloom for you

the chill of winter is blowing in
but spring is almost here
then the city lights shining on me will be gone for good
and then you will always have me

“The Well”

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“The Well”
written on 10/11/06

he runs away from the city streets
to the soft green hill he knows so well
he comes here to escape the noise
and to find himself again
he rests his hands on this tarnished well
one he has intentionally avoided for years
he stares into the black abyss
that harbors all his fears

he’s startled by the hand that just touched his shoulder
a beautiful girl who went out of her way to find him
he’s stunned when she asks what lies inside that tunnel
no one’s ever bothered to look that deep into him before

he returns his gaze to the depths of that tunnel
and then shares with her his deepest fears
“i’m scared of the dark just as much as being alone
i never feel attractive enough
i worry i’ll always have a job that bores me
and what if love has given up on me?”

she grabs his hand and squeezes it tight
“let’s fill this well with something else”
holds out her hand and drops a penny
“i wish to fill your emptiness with love and happiness”