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the emptiness without you
completed on 5.19.16

this world can be so empty
filling trash bags with material things
always grasping for the next rung
an endless maze with no way out

you can chase the things that leave you hostage
get trapped in a hopeless daydream
a false belief in everything
an emptiness ’cause you can’t find peace

but if you ever dust yourself for prints
you’d find mine all over your heart
from holding up your soul and dreams
’cause all i’ll ever want is the best for your life

i’ll never be in the spotlight
the only thing that flashes is my smile
i only hope to be your mason
to help build your foundation up

and when the rain and hail fall down
i’ll shield you and keep you warm
our flame will light up this town
give you faith from any breakdown

i’ll wipe away all your tears
save you from life’s fears
give you all my years
’cause all i’ve ever wanted is what’s best for you

“sand castle”
written on 4.21.16

like a child in a sandbox
shifting sand to create my dreams
but love isn’t quite as simple to build
as we age the castle grows taller
life’s complexity causing the waves to grow larger
threatening to topple my sand castle

i wish love was as easy as saying i need you
but the older we get
the more of our puzzle pieces we find
the harder others become to fit the missing holes
so i stare at a picture that may never be complete

so in my sandbox i built a mansion
every floor built closer to my dreams
but without you i have no foundation
and the emptiness’s waves always threatening
to wash away all my hopes and dreams

so maybe before the sun sets
before the stars appear out of reach
i’ll find you in this place
and we’ll sit here on the beach
and let the sand wrap around our feet

written on 4.13.16

i know you couldn’t help this
like an ice cube left outside
your passion melted away
and when you spiraled into the darkness
i offered you a lifeline
but couldn’t let you consume me

the fading of your headlights
narcotics leading to apathy
not nearly as bright as the sunrise in front of me
sometimes when i think hard i can still see the old you
but that dream so faint as i drive forward

this didn’t play out as i imagined
nothing like the silver screen
but this life is still so beautiful
you just have to adapt to the detours

i can feel the second hand ticking
reminding me of so much i need to do
i hope you don’t think this was easy
like the beauty of a cut rose withering
i just needed to push forward

i hope the future has so much to offer you
that you find the light and rebuild yourself
this life is still so beautiful
you just have to chase your dreams

“the end”
written on 3.2.16

a line drawn in the sand
blurred by winds of frustration and the unknown
i witnessed our bright future dim to night
and lost grasp of your loving hand

a downward spiral consuming us
we both turned to medication
our life raft really a sinking ship
a fairytale crumbling in front of us

we moved our lips and made small talk
went through the motions and played the part
ignoring the depth led to a bleeding heart
and now my love has all bled out

and we both could point a finger
raise our voice and make verbal jabs
but that won’t bring us back
’cause we self-destructed
and now there’s nothing but aftermath

tied together by a promise
hope of a better life
but I no longer see you as my wife
too many years of heartache and strife
the end of everything wrong or right

“have to wait”
completed on 2.28.16

dreams, passion, the future hazy
one moment you’ve found home
then you’re stumbling in roam
a world of withering daisies

so maybe i’ve found hope
or just slipped to the end of my rope
when i see the tear slip down your cheek
i can’t stand to see you weak

we’ve cried in pain
felt emptiness and like giving up
but i’ll push life into your vein
save you from future heartache

you and i’ve felt alone
something we can’t overcome by phone
but i don’t mind the wait
’cause my heart won’t let me forget the date
that you brought joy back into my life

i’ll never tell you what to do
always love you for you
i won’t ever get in your way
’cause i’ll never forget the day
that you brought joy back into my life

“Reach You”

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Reach You”
completed on 4.9.13

midnight blue
bleeding down the walls to my room
it’s an empty life
in a booth that’s meant for two

i trip and stumble
and question why i am here
being a romantic and not having you
exhausting search to hold what’s true

running on empty
nothing but fumes when i breathe out
fill me with hope and inspiration
so i don’t tire ’til i reach you

if i could turn back time
and correct our paths
’cause your heart beats just like mine
i’m just waiting for your sign

my heart is a trainwreck
derailed without you by my side
sadly knowing you are out there
keeps me feeling so alone

i put on a smile
dreams of us walking down the aisle
but being alone stings
like a heart slowly dying


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completed on 9/19/09

i look at photos of you
and feel my heart deteriorate
the volume of music and alcohol
can’t conceal the pain suffocating my heart

being on my own isn’t what it’s cracked up to be
i would trade my freedom for you anytime
i’m crippled on my own
i just wish i could rewind time

i’m just a quarter of what i used to be
without you here with me
how the hell am  i supposed to be
the man i dreamed to be?

the sun will never rise the way it’s supposed to be
the universe is on it’s side
without you, where is my guide?

“White Out”

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“White Out”
written on 4/18/09

she sits on the corner of her bed
with the stinging silence only a lonely apartment can give
even with the flurry of a major city
it’s an ice cold reception with the wind pushing her deeper in

with such high hopes
she had a brand new start and a love she felt was true
but now the windy city’s glitz and glamor doesn’t matter
as she’s crying all alone

it’s amazing how indifferent people can be
as she’s only trying to reach out
so she attempts to drown it out
but that’s only a temporary band aid for the pain

she only wants to make friends
feel the warmth of someone who cares
but no one listens
as her eyes fill up with tears

i sympathize with my whole heart
i have no respect for apathy
it’s like looking into a broken mirror
’cause i have lived your nightmare too
i’m not afraid of dying
just living all alone

but when i hear your voice, i never feel alone
and when i hear your voice, i know we’ll make it home
tomorrow’s a brand new day
and i’m always just a phone call away

“Treading Water”

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“Treading Water”

i shade in the tone of her cheeks
sketch the contours of her sides
but it’s no use because i couldn’t lift her off the paper
even if i tried

and i really should know better
because i have been in enough horror stories and tragedies
an easy reminder love doesn’t always end in happy endings
so now i’m torn between dreaming up a love that probably won’t last
and a loneliness i can only cover up so much

now i’ve caught myself second guessing
i see the life that i could give
to a girl that lets me in
but the failed attempts stack the odds against me
and make me doubt that i’ll have the chance to try again

they say, ‘what’s life without love?’
but there has to be something in the mean time
because right now it feels like i’m just treading water
and my heart is feeling the fatigue
please just pull me out of the water
and i’ll show you all i can be

“The Well”

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“The Well”
written on 10/11/06

he runs away from the city streets
to the soft green hill he knows so well
he comes here to escape the noise
and to find himself again
he rests his hands on this tarnished well
one he has intentionally avoided for years
he stares into the black abyss
that harbors all his fears

he’s startled by the hand that just touched his shoulder
a beautiful girl who went out of her way to find him
he’s stunned when she asks what lies inside that tunnel
no one’s ever bothered to look that deep into him before

he returns his gaze to the depths of that tunnel
and then shares with her his deepest fears
“i’m scared of the dark just as much as being alone
i never feel attractive enough
i worry i’ll always have a job that bores me
and what if love has given up on me?”

she grabs his hand and squeezes it tight
“let’s fill this well with something else”
holds out her hand and drops a penny
“i wish to fill your emptiness with love and happiness”