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“Quite the Journey” performed by the amazing Alissa Beyer.
Lyrics from “I Will Get Back to You”.

“I Will Get Back To You”
written on 3.30.17

and you got swept away
didn’t know what to do or say
but now i’ve found my oars
to finally set sail back to the shores

this will be quite the journey
not something i can do alone
but this time i’ve found the one
who can help me get it done
she’s the wind feeding my sails

i still have cracks throughout my hull
the result of all my grieving
but this time i’m not sinking
i’ve found the hope in my thinking

you built the compass inside me
taught me how to navigate the sea
you gave me the strength to chart the course
through all life’s storms and force
no waves to keep me from feeling free

and i know where you are headed
’cause you believed fearlessly
i’ll ride the waves through all life’s struggles
leaving behind all my troubles

“It All Comes Back To You”
completed on 11.26.13

you were swept away
i kept my tears at bay
i thought i’d live a life without you
but that was so untrue

i never grasped the darkness
thought i had found the light
looked at life as if i knew
but it all comes back to you

i didn’t want to cry
i didn’t think i’d have to try
didn’t want to face the truth
you’d only be there in my youth

it’s like the cut of a knife
i taste the brevity of life
it’s a mountain i can’t quite climb
to give her a little more time

i’ve felt the darkness in a sunrise
drank from a glass half empty
surrounded by beautiful things
while i still wait for spring

i miss you with all my might
left without much light
there has to be a silver lining
to make my life defining


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completed on 9/19/09

i look at photos of you
and feel my heart deteriorate
the volume of music and alcohol
can’t conceal the pain suffocating my heart

being on my own isn’t what it’s cracked up to be
i would trade my freedom for you anytime
i’m crippled on my own
i just wish i could rewind time

i’m just a quarter of what i used to be
without you here with me
how the hell am  i supposed to be
the man i dreamed to be?

the sun will never rise the way it’s supposed to be
the universe is on it’s side
without you, where is my guide?

“Footprints in the Sand”

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“Footprints in the Sand”

it’s hard during times like these to keep my head up
there’s empty chairs at the dinner table
making this house not as warm as it used to be
but i can’t give up
this is my opportunity
to cherish the greatest family

to my mother and father who poured my foundation
my pillars of strength who fed my veins with undying love and support
i thank you for making me me

to my brother, my best friend
who always kept my endorphins alive
younger in age but not much else
a bond that will never be broken

family meals and adoring fans
sincere advice and loving hands
a model for how things should be

from playing with toys on the bedroom floor
to lectures on how to behave
bending over backwards for me whenever i was ill
and being kissed and tucked in every night
i couldn’t ask for anything more

unlike footprints in the sand there isn’t a flood that can
wash these great memories from me