“Treading Water”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Treading Water”

i shade in the tone of her cheeks
sketch the contours of her sides
but it’s no use because i couldn’t lift her off the paper
even if i tried

and i really should know better
because i have been in enough horror stories and tragedies
an easy reminder love doesn’t always end in happy endings
so now i’m torn between dreaming up a love that probably won’t last
and a loneliness i can only cover up so much

now i’ve caught myself second guessing
i see the life that i could give
to a girl that lets me in
but the failed attempts stack the odds against me
and make me doubt that i’ll have the chance to try again

they say, ‘what’s life without love?’
but there has to be something in the mean time
because right now it feels like i’m just treading water
and my heart is feeling the fatigue
please just pull me out of the water
and i’ll show you all i can be

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