Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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written on 11/12/06

a heart safer than i’ve ever known
the jigsaw piece that filled all my voids, she rounded me out so well
but in anger i chose to run rather than confront our issues
fear of facing your tears kept me from addressing you
i talked myself into believing i was better off alone
but deep down my heart knew everything was wrong

crushed and scared you grew so strong without me
but now i’m looking at you from across the field
and realize our feelings haven’t changed
i pray true love can cure all things
and bring you back to me

i touch your hand and caress your feet
i watch you dress in front of me
wrapped in clothes that mistake you for royalty
but it’s the looks of an angel i focus on
you’re ready to leave but this event isn’t for me
i’m left behind with an empty heart
hoping you return quickly to me

with eyes so soft they hold my soul
time goes slow when you’re not around

i miss the girl i once called my own
with one more chance i won’t forget
the one who’s meant for me

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