“Peter and the Rockstar”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem, Uncategorized
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“Peter and the Rockstar”
written on 1/11/09

his voice echoes in her ears
sweet and sexy a-sharp melody
whispering in her ear the words she knows so well
body glistening in the lighting symphony
notes that reverberate within her bones

as she sings along word for word
they can make her sway to the chorus of the song
but they can’t shake your heart the way that i could
my simple words don’t follow a rhythm
and won’t make you dance the night away
they won’t parade around on stage
but were spoken just for you

and peter shakes his head
hurt and confused how their melodies wisp her away
and sighs knowing he is just a simple man
but he knows that as the stage lights fade and amps unplug
his words will be much louder
touch her much deeper, leave her much warmer
’cause his words were meant just for her

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