“The Result of her Despair”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“The Result of her Despair”
written on 2/26/09

i am startled shortly after midnight
though i already know who is there
i feel the tension, heavy in the phone lines
her tone screams frustration, no optimism at all
now i know the hammer’s coming down

i’ve always felt love conquers all
but now i know that’s untrue
love is such a gentle force
that despair can stomp it out

we had every dream come true
we never read a map ’cause we never could get lost
destination beautiful as long as we traveled side by side
we couldn’t have planned a sweeter route

but when you live with your guard down
sometimes the darkest demons strike
distance and stress stabbed her heart
she’s trying so hard but her heart is bleeding out

i’m scrambling to her rescue
but my words aren’t strong enough sutures
i squeeze her hand but she’s so cold
her love is failing fast
i wish my love could save her
but our blood type’s not the same

now my worst fears have taken her
leaving me all alone with shattered dreams of what could have been
and crumbling things of what used to be
just like my appeal

she’ll move on
to a brand new heart
to a better life
and i’ll move on
with an aching heart
to an uncertain life
but to a heart i know will heal

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