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“Vapors and Conversations”
completed on 8/31/09

i guess i shine too bright for you
’cause i burn with an intensity so great
i felt you evaporate
the fog is clouding up my heart
as i mourn the death of you and me

i used to believe the sun was rising
i could feel your warmth all around me
but now i shake in the chill of the night
with the fear of you nowhere in sight

i’m not angry you let me fall from the heavens
i’m just disappointed at the stillness of the night
everyone deserves some form of closure
’cause it stings like hell to not know your mistakes

with the ecstasy of new love
comes the ends we must endure
it’s what makes the other
all the more intense

“White Out”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“White Out”
written on 4/18/09

she sits on the corner of her bed
with the stinging silence only a lonely apartment can give
even with the flurry of a major city
it’s an ice cold reception with the wind pushing her deeper in

with such high hopes
she had a brand new start and a love she felt was true
but now the windy city’s glitz and glamor doesn’t matter
as she’s crying all alone

it’s amazing how indifferent people can be
as she’s only trying to reach out
so she attempts to drown it out
but that’s only a temporary band aid for the pain

she only wants to make friends
feel the warmth of someone who cares
but no one listens
as her eyes fill up with tears

i sympathize with my whole heart
i have no respect for apathy
it’s like looking into a broken mirror
’cause i have lived your nightmare too
i’m not afraid of dying
just living all alone

but when i hear your voice, i never feel alone
and when i hear your voice, i know we’ll make it home
tomorrow’s a brand new day
and i’m always just a phone call away


Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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written on 4/4/09

i just laugh as i flip through the dictionary
your definition of friendship falls under acquaintance in my book
you said so many kind things before you kicked me to the street
but now i question everything based on your apathy

you say you want to be friends
but your words don’t match your actions
’cause i only hear an echo
instead of an answer when i speak

you dislike my depression
but what did you expect
why must i always be a beacon
for you to seek me out

you expect for me to rebound as if nothing ever happened
but sometimes rebuilding
is easier when you’re not alone

you wonder why i’m still down
not sure why it’s so hard to see
the connection that once meant everything to me
has become a friendship that’s a one-way street