“Cristiana Guesthaus (City Lights)”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Cristiana Guesthaus (City Lights)”
written on 10/6/09

300 miles from the city lights
my heart is beating where it wants to be
away from the suffocation of suburban life and materialistic greed

and that’s exactly what i adore about you
those soft brown eyes and subtle threads are telling me this is the only place for me

slow life down
inhale the mountain air
paint this memory within me
so when i dream i will always be able to find you

you smile shyly at first
it’s hard to open up when the clock is ticking down ’til i move on
i wish it was time to plant my roots
so i could bloom for you

the chill of winter is blowing in
but spring is almost here
then the city lights shining on me will be gone for good
and then you will always have me

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