“Just Tell Me”

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Just Tell Me”
completed on 9/9/09

the coin is spinning round and round
heads and tails blurring together
leaving me unsure which side my heart will land on

i have seen the happy endings and storybook dreams
sometimes it feels so tangible
but most times it’s only make believe

my hopes spin away from me
scared by things that fall apart
but the way your eyes glisten
and your soft kiss makes me smile
is this something that will last or another hourglass?

sometimes  i pray for one-way streets
so i don’t have to choose
sometimes i wish gravity would pull me
so i don’t have to worry
whether things will always end

when i drink i forget their insecurities
one more drink reminds me i’m alone
but in the daylight i’m far more rational
but i’ve always preferred to dream…

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