“Your Heart”

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Your Heart”
completed on 7.14.12

i always go the long way
to try to feel less alone
i wish i had something to grab your attention
so i hope my smile is enough to catch your eye

sometimes i wish i wrote a chorus that made you want to sing along
sometimes i dream i penned a poem and you memorized every word
if only i could hit the notes to sing your melody
if only life played out to the script running through my mind

i’m staring at the sunset and wonder
if it’s the same canvas you see from your bedroom
i’m laying under the stars and wonder
if they make my eyes glow just like yours

if the sun won’t rise to guide you
i’ll paint stars in the sky to light your way
if you ever feel lost at night
i’ll burn bright ’til you reach home

i have so much to give you
but don’t know where to start
if only you could see my good intentions
if only i knew i could win your heart

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