“Raindrops and Tears”

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Raindrops and Tears”
completed on 6.9.12

not sure how this will trickle out
if you will soak it up
or wish these words would just evaporate

so i’ll let it all pour out
and hope you absorb my thoughts
rather than leave them to dry up

the things i have to say
i hope they make it rain
but only as a sun shower
’cause i can’t stand to be
the cause of black clouds hanging over you

what i have to do will cause some tears
but the only thing i’ll ever want
is for them to make us blossom and grow

even though i have to go
i’ll never let you drown
i’ll be the currents pushing the storms away
and the life raft always keeping you afloat


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