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“strings and freedom”
completed on 8.10.19

this can’t end as another sad song
from the fading light of what i knew
childhood memories i still pursue
an anchor that pulls so strong
a heavy weight holding on to me

for years i was broken
from shattered memories that i still hold
pain that seared through my soul
i’m starting to make myself whole
to escape the darkness of pain’s blindfold

instead of looking over my shoulder
where every line i write
tears a larger hole
i’m picking up my soul
i’ll write ’til i find the light inside me

i’m not forgetting
but i’m cutting the strings
to these hooks haunting me
to finally feel like i am free
so i can spread my wings

these holes may never fully heal
but i can sew these scars
cut these strings holding me
and release this weight off me
to head for the stars


Posted: September 7, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 9.7.12

i spent the bulk of my life on the east coast
it should make up most of my history
but my previous chapters aren’t half the length
as the one currently spent finding myself

i’ve lost faith
i’ve crossed doubts
i’ve had times when i just scream and shout
but it’s discovering myself
that this life is truly about

there are days when i can’t figure out
what this chapter is supposed to be about
i search for love and i find hope
then i get spun around
just to start all over again

i watch over you
i feel your pulse wearing out
fading like the passion in your eyes
i can tell your pen’s running out of ink
as you write the final pages of your life

you remind me how brief our novel can be
making life more like a short story
i’m thankful for my memories
but i still have more to write
’cause i’m still dreaming of seeing you in all white

i’ve lost faith
i’ve crossed doubts
i’ve had times when i just scream and shout
but i won’t give up
’til i show you what true love is all about