“Broke Down”

Posted: August 28, 2022 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Broke Down”
written 7.28.22

you rode shotgun by me for years
we could always outrun the storms and dark
now the raindrops on my windshield are tears
falling when two hearts lose their spark

stranded on the side of the road
our fights spin us in circles, now we’re lost
what’s left of us is getting towed
a love choked out in the exhaust

you said we were beyond repair
told me everything was all my fault
gave up on us as if you never cared
regrets tattooed like burnouts in our asphalt

now i’m throwing my life into fifth gear
racing ahead to a better life
know now our past is better in the rear
headin’ to a love that won’t jackknife

and some nights all i have is regret
wished when our crash hit the airbags
this duet now just an empty threat
just caused us to wave a white flag

now there’s nothing left of you and me
pieces of us strewn like debris

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