“Off Your Couch”

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Off Your Couch”
written on 5.26.11

you have me on the phone
trying to play psychologist
telling me i’m not happy
saying i don’t know what i want
but i’m not interested in playing this charade
i’m not one for planning the future
but i’ll tell you what makes my heart beat
and everything that i will be

i will march to the tempo of the music inside me
every step believing in happy endings
and my heart will beat to the pulse of my future love’s heart
and while she’ll hold my hand and my heart
i’ll never stray too far from my friends and family
we’ll strike out to explore the great outdoors
to uncover all the beauty this world holds

so i’m getting off your couch
i’d rather listen to the instincts inside of me
i have too much passion to share
and i’m not content to watch the world pass me by

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