Forever Young

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Forever Young”
completed on 6/5/11

they say that you’re too young
to know what love’s about
but you believe with your whole heart
he’s earned the right to steal your heart
i wish that everyone loved like you
’cause it would make this world a better place

they say that they’re concerned
that they have learned more of life’s lessons
that they have your best interests
saying you need more time to grow up
but when every day could be your last
they need to spend a day in your shoes
because you treasure every moment
and believe that love should guide your life

and they may never understand you
but i support you because i’m a dreamer too
don’t ever let this world harden you
or else you will think the way that they do

you have faith in happy endings
and that’s what makes you unique
i would give everything i have
to live the love that you do

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