“Three Smiles”

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Three Smiles”
written on 6.24.11

you watch him slam the door
as your tears stream to the floor
you look back at a million warning signs
but you desperately want that fairy tale
he’s crushed your hope, stepped on your heart
but he’s the one who lost out

you deserve someone who wants both girls on his lap
who lights the candles twice so each one gets to blow them out
takes a mental picture every time he sees the three of you smile
proud of the life that he has

but you can always rely on me
remember there is so much life to live
and you have so much love left to give
turn up taylor’s fearless and believe that things will change
and if ever you need a sunrise
i’ll be there to brighten your day

because you deserve someone who wants both girls on his lap
kisses their knees every time that they fall
and dreams of the days when they’re tall
reads them just one more story ’til they’re finally asleep
proud of the love that he has

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