“Lock ‘n Key”

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Lyrics, Poem, Uncategorized

“Lock ‘n Key”
written on 5/23/11

you turn the dial to the right
stop at a number you learned from our first date
twist the dial to the left
chose a memory from our daily routine
but you can’t figure out the sequence
because you didn’t listen to the subtle clicks
or ask in greater detail
the things that open me

the things i cherish
the current that makes my heart beat
i keep safe deep inside of me
i wish you would have sought to unlock
the sources of my smile

you are such a caring person
but you don’t hold my key
if you wanted to see me burn bright
shine with an even greater intensity
then you had to explore deeper
i want someone who searches floor by floor
until they discover all the things that make me me

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