“Let You Go”

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Let You Go”
written on 1.16.12

you make me smile
make me shake
there is so much about you that is so great
but you don’t give as much as you take
so i think i have to let you go

when i call you just let it ring
have to admit that i feel the sting
when i want this more than you
i wear my heart on my sleeve
but i don’t think you truly believe

i’m strong on passion
full of love
it’s the only thing i’m sure of
sometimes i come on too strong
just didn’t know it could be wrong

if there’s one thing i’ve learned
love’s for giving but must be earned
i just wish you would have tried
before you made up your mind
to really look inside my heart to see what you’d find

i hope one day you find the right one
who makes you smile for the long run
maybe some day your heart will change
and lead you back to me
but for now i have to let it be

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