Posted: January 21, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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completed on 1.20.12

all the world’s a crowd
’cause you’re the only one i see
i know you shine so bright even without
the spotlights pointed at you on stage

don’t skip any of your songs
i want to hear every single line
to know all that’s on your mind
so i can understand your melody

please don’t let the curtain fall
i’ll do whatever it takes for an encore
anything to spend more time with you
’cause you’re the music that my heart beats to

everyone adores you
you have fans everywhere you go
they all scream for your attention
but i just want to make you feel loved
long after the spotlight fades

just sing me one more line
i swear i’ll sing it back to you every time
hoping you wrote it just for me
just sing me one more line
i’m praying it’s a sign
that your heart was meant for me

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