“Shadows from Charlotte”

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Shadows from Charlotte”
completed on 2.1.13

i sit here at this empty table for two
wishing i would have been here next to you
i wish the timing would improve
but we’re always on the move

you’re sitting in the same seat
i sat in two months ago
if fate would change the clock our way
i could be enjoying life with you today

i see your footprints in the sand
hear your laughter in the air
read the messages you’ve written
but it’s only your shadow i meet

maybe my dreams are puzzle pieces
tiny clues leading me to you
’cause when i wake up in the morning
i always feel so much closer to you

knowing that you’re out there
stings that i haven’t met you yet
in my dreams i see your silhouette
i hope it’s not the closest i will get

the soft breeze on your skin
the urge you have to grin
it’s my soul reaching out to you
that i’m always searching, it’s true
i’ll never be complete without you

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