“Left Behind”

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Lyrics, Poem
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“Left Behind”
written on 5.9.12

i see a couple on a bench
hands intertwined
while the only thing i hold
is fading memories that can’t shake the cold

i see them on the bench
warmth and laughter
close lips and starry eyes
their love lighting up the skies

i run towards that light
see something that would be so bright
but you’re always just out of reach
leaving me so empty underneath

i reach for your hand
to pull me from an icy current i can hardly stand
but you’re not there
at times it’s too much to bear

i see the moment come and go
each time i’m left behind
i watch you smile, feel your glow
but then am left buried in the snow

can’t i find the one that’s mine
the one who makes me shine
i want to burn bright with all my might
but i need your love to feel alright

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